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Public History In Review

The internet has changed us. The way we operate business, communicate with friends and family, view political activism, and basically everything else in our lives. That being said, why shouldn’t Historians embrace it as well? With the ease of access gained form the internet Historians don’t need to travel all around the world to be able to view and use historical primary sources for their research. This itself is a massive deal, it makes the study of history accessible to a widening population, instead of a select few. Another advantage gained is that it allows museums to interact with the public that they’re catering to, promoting themselves and their exhibits, as well as attempting to gain the support of people who would not normally go visit a museum, but are now able to interact with the staff who develop exhibits that the general public are now interested in visiting.

With the massive Spacial History Project, even they way history is viewed is starting to change, with it being seen as a living thing impacted by the people who helped to shape and create it, instead of as a chronological line of cause and effect. Though there are a few bumps in the road, with the expenses of putting sources into digital for mat, as well as the clunkiness of many historical database sites, I truly hope that this does not discourage Historical scholars from reaching out and interacting with the digital medium. The internet is still changing and adapting, and hopefully we are able to help shape the way it is formed around the historical discipline, and we do not reject it, leaving it and becoming history ourselves.


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