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Week Eight: Feild Trip!

Instead of going to class today as per every other usual Wednesday, our class got to go to the New England education conference that CCSU had the luck of hosting this year. The main topic of the conference was about educational diversity, namely, the lack of educational diversity that seems to be dominating our educational system in America. We were lucky enough that our class was able to see speaker and author James Lowen, who wrote the cuttingly named “Lies my Teacher Told me” as he went through the different ways that our education system is cutting off histories accessibility to those who don’t tend to be featured in it, I could see his point entirely. It is a common joke that History in general is written about rich white men, and for the majority of my primary and secondary education that was very true. But then this brings about a frightening question, what can we, as history majors, do to change this? It is very clear that the way that history is being presented throughout the schools in America needs to change, as history happens to those who are not rich white men. The trouble is getting that information more readily accessible to the public, so that it doesn’t become a niche study in history, like women’s history, or African American history. Luckily, with the ease of accessibility on the internet, the study of history could very easily get away from what we’re used to learning, with a quick Google search providing us with the information we’d want to know about anything, from Latin American labor rights leaders, to the Suffragettes, it is simply our job as public historians to adapt with these changes and make sure that there are reliable sources accessible to those who wish to have them available on the web.


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